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Beech Hill Electronics is a well established UK company based in Berkshire with the knowledge and experience to provide all your electronic design needs including analog and digital design, embedded software for microprocessors, programmable logic devices and PCs, and PCB design of any complexity.

Our designers will work closely with you at every stage of the development to ensure that you and your customers get the product you want. Click for more About us

Our electronic design team have had many years of experience in circuit design, both analogue and digital, for a wide range of companies throughout the UK. Click for more about Electronic design

The quality of the embedded software in microprocessors and programmable logic devices found in much of todays equipment is crucial to the performance of the equipment. Click for more about embedded Software design

The design of the printed circuit board can dramatically affect the performance of your product. Our attention to detail in PCB design ensures quality and reliability. Click for more about PCB design

We also offer a fast, economical prototype PCB manufacturing service, providing you with one or two circuit boards, enabling you to verify your design before going into full production. Click for more about PCB prototyping

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